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This line of products serves many purposes. Visit our facility in Menifee, Ca to choose
the products that will work best for you. Sold by the cubic yard, minimum 1/2 cubic yard. Please see our material calculator to calculate your needs.

3/4″ Crushed Gravel

Crushed Gravel is a Utility Gravel used under sheds, or for drive ways size is 3/4 inch we have both grey and light color almost white granite looking.

#2 Road Base

Road Base is comprised of ¾” gravel with some fines added. Used for driveways and setting pavers. A suggested use is 2” of road base, 2” of DG, with 3” pavers.

Decomposed Granite ( DG)

DG is Decomposed Granite. Used under pavers and for walkways.

Concrete Mix

Cement Mix (or C-Mix) is a blend of 3/8” crushed rock and Sand. Use 1 yard of C-Mix with a 5 lb. bag of concrete for cement.

Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt is a rough product that has come to us from construction sites may have rocks, and other objects in it. Size varies from large balls say 6” in diameter to 2 MM.

Washed Sand

This is a 2 MM minus sand some what like Beach sand. This is used in play area, mixing concrete, under swimming pools.

3/8” Pea Gravel

Gray DG

Inland Gold DG

3/8″ Crushed Gravel
This selection is almost a golden shade. When placed in your design it has a velvety look.