The brilliant eye-catching color of our organically colored mulches makes these products some of our most popular. The organic colorant used on this product is highly resistant to UV fading and does not wash out. Sold by the cubic yard, minimum 1/2 cubic yard. Please see our material calculator to calculate your needs.

Colored Mulch


We produce a mix of shredded Pine, Fir, Deciduous and Citrus tree’s. We mix this completely and then using an organic dye we color this product, Natural Brown,Brown,Black,Gold and Red. These products are excellent at retarding the growth of weeds. We recommend these products for slopes and hillsides These products will reduce the sliding effect, they matte down really firmly and at the same time add a beautiful look to your landscaping. Our Premium Citrus is a very clean product, blonde in color and looks great around darker colored plants and buildings.

Red Citrus


Premium Brown Citrus

Premium Brown Citrus

Brown Citrus


Premium Mahogany Citrus

premium mahogany citrus

Mahogany Citrus

Mahogony Citrus

Premium Black Citrus

premium blk citrus

Premium Red Citrus

Premium red Citrus

Premium Gold Citrus

premium gold citrus


Our supply of Pine Nuggets comes from Colorado. We dye them Red, Gold and Mahogany color. These three colored nuggets are gorgeous, around all types of flower and rose beds.

Red Nuggets


Mahogany Nuggets