Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are natural and free of chemicals. Our colored wood chips are dyed using a food based colorant, which is safe for plants, animals and humans. 

Yes, we deliver all over Southern California.

Please use our Material Calculator.

Our product is priced by cubic yards with a minimum purchase of 1/2 cubic yard.  We can either load the product into the bed of a pickup truck or you’re welcome to bring and load your own containers. We also offer delivery. 

We sell cement, Readi-Mix, wheel barrows, rakes, shovels

It depends on the elevation you live in. We usually start to plant in our raised beds during the first week of March; however, some prefer to wait until Easter to plant.

Generally, temperatures below 33°F will kill eggplants, okra, cantaloupe, corn, beans, peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, watermelon, squash, and cucumbers.

Build a depth of at least 12 inches of SCM Veggie Blend (depths of more than 12” is acceptable). If your bed is less than 12” deep, loosen the soil underneath, mix with SCM Veggie Blend (ratio of 1 to 1) or Soil Conditioner (ratio 1 to 5).   Since Southern California is a hot and dry climate, cover the garden with any one of our mulches. This will not only keep the soil cool and moist, but will also add nutrition that will benefit your garden. 

Retains moisture in your garden bed, resulting in using less water.  Helps moderate the temperature of your soil, which uses less water and protects your plants.  When used at a depth of 4", it acts as a great organic weed suppressant.  After decomposing, the mulch will then enrich your existing soil.  To ensure longevity, use at a minimum depth of 3".