August 2014

Growing Things

California has 2 growing seasons?!!?!?

If you live in Southern California you may or may not know that we have 2 growing seasons!

Once your spring and summer fruits or veggies have come and gone it is time to think about fall planting. You may have heard of it, it is called succession planting. There is a wide variety of things you can grow using your SoCal Mulch speciality blend soils in the fall. Here is a full list of great foods to grow in the fall:
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Acorn Squash

Asian Pear

Barbados Cherries

Black Crowberries

Black Salsify

Belgian Endive


Brussels Sprouts

Butter Lettuce

Buttercup Squash

Butternut Squash

Cactus Pear

Cape Gooseberries



Chayote Squash

Chinese Long Beans

Crab Apples


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Date Plum

Delicata Squash

Diakon Radish







Hearts of Palm


Jalapeno Peppers

Jerusalem Artichoke


Key Limes



Muscadine Grapes

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Ong Choy Spinach

Passion Fruit









Sharon Fruit

Sugar Apple

Sunflower Kernels

Sweet Dumpling Squash

Sweet Potatoes

Swiss Chard

Turnips [/fusion_builder_column]


Our Products

Got Rocks?

SoCal Mulch has a wide variety or rock ground covers available. Learn more about our great selection here:

Our Products

Playground Safe Chips

Providing the best playground chips for all of Southern California! Add our playground material to your playground area with our Smooth Wood Chips from Colorado. This superior product is trouble-free, impact safe, and visually appealing.  Sold by the cubic yard, minimum 1/2 cubic yard. Please see our material calculator to calculate your needs. 

Our Products

SoCal Mulch Forest Blends


FOREST BLEND; This product is used in every application you could think of, great at keeping weeds down and retaining moisture in your beds. It is our least expensive mulch and a great value. 

PREMIUM FOREST BLEND; We take our Forest Blend double grind it. Then screen out the fines and make a more uniform looking product. 

SCM 3/8’sINCH FIR FINES ; This product is used mostly in our soil mix’s, however many people have used this product for their flower bed cover to achieve a nice look. Other than in our soil mix’s this product is great mixed with wash sand and used in horse corrals as a superior base.

Growing Things Our Products

How about a great seed topper?

This product is used for topping grass seed after planting seed into our 50/50 planters mix. We suggest about 1/2 inch of product to keep the seed protected from birds and to keep it moist while it is germinating. Seed Topper is used also in many of our designer soils and used to boost your existing lawn. Contact us to learn more!

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SCM Soil Conditioner

This is our Gold Standard for full scale total nutrient compost. This product has been composted according the State of California Integrated Waste Management Board. The base of this great growing soil conditioner is green waste product provides all the nutrients needed to produce some of the best growth in all plants and tree’s. Use this product at a rate of 20% conditioner to 80% Soil. Learn about all of our great soils here:


Growing Things Our Products

50/50 Planter Mix

This planter mix was our very first product back in 1998. It is packed full of nutrients, there is no need to mix with any soil or other nutrients like potting soil. No need to mix with any soil or other nutrients like potting soil. This has all you will need to have a great garden. We also recommend this for Sod and Seed growing as well. See our Web site for growing instructions for both.

Growing Things Our Products

Veggie Blend by SoCal Mulch

We have taken some of our most popular soil mixes and combined them to make a Raised Garden Bed Mix. Vegetable crops thrive in this mix it shows excellent performance. This blend contains our quality Fir Fines, Top Soil, Soil Conditioner and Sand. No need for a Topper this one will not crust over after being in the sun, and is good for 30 days with out any extra nutrients and after that you can add our ( add name of our 1/4” compost) or add Fish Emulsion every week for great nutrient production.

Growing Things

Creating a Hotbed

What a great idea! Here is a great picture and some instructions on how to create a hotbed for your plants with those pesky plastic bottles you have lying around.

1. Use one of our premium soils to set the foundation for your hotbed. You can learn more about our soils here:

2. Grade your land and ensure that your drainage is properly graded in

3. Cut off the bottom of your plastic bottles, scissors will work fine.

4. Put your seeds or seedlings into the ground then put your hot house bottles over the top

5. Don’t forget to label your bottles with what you have planted or you can use popsicle sticks with permanent marker!